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Wild Series Rum no. 19 Florida

Wild Series Rum no. 19 Florida

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Wild Series Room No.39 Jamaica

Wild Series Room No.39 Jamaica

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Wild Series Room No.39 Jamaica

Wild Series Room No.39 Jamaica

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Wild Series Room No.39 Jamaica

Wild Series Room No.39 Jamaica

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Wild Series Rum no. 18 Jamaica

Wild Series Rum no. 18 Jamaica

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Key market features


Secure payment

Our secure payment provides a trusted payment service, holding funds temporarily until both buyer and seller confirm transaction satisfaction. This ensures a safe, transparent payment process, minimizing the risks of fraud and disputes.


Validate Users

Our users validation process incorporate Know Your Customers (KYC) protocols, requiring individuals to provide personal identification and documentation. This verification method enhances security, prevents fraud, and complies with global regulatory standards.


One to one communication

Our one-to-one chat feature creates trust between users by enabling direct, private communication, allowing parties to discuss transaction details, share concerns, and build trust. This personal interaction promotes transparency and confidence in the exchange.


Trusted shipping service

Our shipping service offers flexibility, allowing users to either utilize their preferred courier or select from our range of pre-negotiated shipping packages. This accommodates diverse needs, streamlinning the delivery process and ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

Authentication and Valuation

Introducing the authentication and valuation feature, designed to accurately assess the rarity, condition, and provenance of bottles in our marketplace. By utilizing expert evaluation and technology, we ensure transparency and confidence in the value of each unique bottle.

Looking To Invest In Casks?

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- Ensuring Security, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction -

Security and Reliability

We prioritize transaction security with continuous monitoring, KYC, and audits. Future plans include implementing 2FA for enhanced account protection.

Delivery of Products to

We partner with trusted shippers like Strømvejen, take great care in packaging, and offer precise tracking and insurance options for secure and worry-free product delivery.

Handling of Payments and Transactions

We prioritize your financial security with a secure payment gateway, stripe service via PayProff, and transparent fee information for a straightforward transaction experience.

Unlock you spirits portfolio with Bottle Assets

We want to be a trusted partner, a source of inspiration, and a community for collectors, traders, and enthusiasts alike

Our goal is to offer a safe and secure platform for collectors and enthusiasts to buy and sell collectible spirits.

We are here to create new opportunities for collectors and enthusiasts to transact and grow their collections, free from the risk of fraud or misrepresentation.

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If you receive a bottle that doesn’t match the description, you have the control to approve the sale. If it’s not as described or appears fraudulent, your payment won’t be released to the seller. For more guidance on buying and other helpful information, check out our ‘How to Buy’ guide and other resources. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

Our bidding system allows you to place bids on items you desire. Sellers receive notifications of your bids and can choose to accept or decline them. Additionally, you can communicate with sellers through conversations. Find more details on bidding in our ‘How to Buy’ guide.

There are additional fees associated with your chosen subscription. Additionally, a credit card processing fee of 2% and a shipping fee may apply, depending on your preferences.

To open an account, you’ll need to provide your credit card details along with your personal information and confirm your email address.

To list a bottle for sale, first, set up your marketplace account. Once that’s done, simply navigate to your ‘Bottles’ page on the marketplace for instructions on adding a bottle. For further guidance, visit our ‘How to Sell’ guide.

You can set your own prices when you’re creating your bottle to the marketplace. it is always possible to edit your product afterwards and adjust the prices based on your needs when you click on edit the specific product.

Shipping is carefully managed through our delivery system. Please note that packaging is your responsibility or that of the courier who will pick up your item. For detailed information, refer to our ‘How Shipping Works’ guide.

If you wish to contact another buyer, our marketplace provides a  communication system once you’ve signed up. We’re also excited to share our future plans of building a community where all users can foster better communication and connections.


To trade on Bottle assets, you must be 18 years of age.

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To trade on Bottle assets, you must be 18 years of age.

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To trade on Bottle assets, you must be 18 years of age.